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Retro Geek Culture from a GenX Perspective

Past/Future Concept.

A decade of decadence. This channel is dedicated to geek culture from a GenX perspective. We focus on retro arcade and console gaming- retro reviews, gaming spotlights, top 10 lists, and more!

What We Do.

Join us for a nostalgic trip down memory lane with 8-bit Memories. See what made the 80’s the best decade to grow up in. Great games, great music, great movies, not to mention Saturday morning cartoons! Whether you’re a GenXer or someone retro-curious, you’ve come to the right place!

About Us.

The main idea of Arcade Decade is to share our love of all things retro. We’re just a bunch of Old School fan Boys that never grew up. We’ve been gaming since the early days and never stopped. From the days of arcades and the Atari 2600 to the Playstation 5. We’ve got a lot of stories to tell.


OUR Selection of Content

Retro Reviews

Retro Reviews takes a look at a classic games from days gone by and gives the the same TLC current gen game reviews receive.

Retro Game Spotlights

Not as much a review as it is just a game we want to talk about. Whether we want to gush over one of our favorites or share a hidden gem you may have missed.

Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Lists, Top 25, Top 100, Rankings? This is where you will find them.

News and Announcements

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Who We Are

I’m Vic Viper, and if you watched any of our Top 10 Lists, you may have met me and my friends Standard Steve and 2-Bit Goomba! We are a bunch of guys that fell in love with video games back in the late 70’s and never looked back. You might say we are obsessed!

Our Vision

Our vision is to put out fun content that we love to talk about. We are always looking to improve our material so your input is welcome. Help us get better and hit us up!

Our Mission

Our mission is simply this: To entertain. If retro gaming and 80’s culture is something that interests you… then, you’re among friends



Vic Viper is weak! He fell prey to my Bull Charge like soooo many times. He Sux. Bionic Commando? smh.

Bald Bull


Standard Steve has bad taste in video games! Check the NES Top 10 for proof!

Mask X


2-Bit Goomba beat Mike Tyson? HA! That lying pansy couldn’t beat Glass Joe!



No Zelda in your Top 10? No Adventure? In Istanbul you’d be beaten with glass-covered sticks

Baldo Bullo


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